Wildplaces Africa - Uganda

The award-winning lodges of Wildplaces Arfrica are intimate, private and unique, while service is gentle and discreet.  All properties hire from the local community and are active in building community projects. Whether you are here to track gorillas, seek out the elusive shoebill and forest elephant, fish for the giant Nile Perch, watch lions on a kill, or any other adventure in a beautiful magical place, we guarantee you this: You will sleep in comfort. You will eat like kings and queens. You will be well looked after. And you will go home with endless memories and stories to tell.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge - Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest
Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is situated in Nkuringo, bordering the South Western Corner of the Bwindi National Park , situated at 2100m with panorama views of the Virunga mountain range and the Great Rift Valley. The Nkuringo Family group of Gorilla’s home range is around 1.5 hours hike from the lodge depending on the movement of the group. Bwindi Forest is rich in Biodiversity with over 26 Endemic Birds in the surrounding area of the lodge and over 560 other bird species. It is remote. It is beautiful. It is intimate. And at over 2,000 metres above sea level, it is Uganda’s highest lodge. Since it opened, this small, remote lodge continues to win prizes, awards and accolades both internationally and locally. Guests at Clouds stay in their own cottage. Built of local volcanic stone, every cottage has a large sitting room with fireplace, vast overstuffed armchairs, and hand-woven carpets. Each individual cottage features the work of one of Uganda’s most respected artists.

Apoka Safari Lodge - Kidepo Valley Nationa Park
 Apoka Safari Lodge overlooks the Narus river valley in the South-western sector of Kidepo Valley National Park. In the far North-eastern section of Uganda, bordering Sudan to the North, the Napore Mountains to the West, and the Morungole Mountains to the South. The Kenyan border is just 5 kilometers from the Park’s Eastern boundary. At the crossroads of Kenyan, Sudanese and Ugandan ecosystems, Kidepo provides an amazing wildlife experience in a remote and pristine wilderness. The rooms at Apoka have been built with comfort in mind. Everything is handmade by local craftsmen, everything is large and capacious. 10 expansive rooms with natural canvas walls surround a rocky kopje with endless views across the savannah. With inside sitting rooms and private verandas there are plenty of places to relax, read and sprawl. Wildlife in Kidepo is abundant. Lions, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, zebra, possibly Africa’s largest herds of buffalo, hartebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthog…the list is endless. Better still, much of it can be seen from the privacy of your veranda or your outdoor bathtub, but the best way to see the wildlife is up close: on foot, or in one of our open-top Landcruisers.

Semliki Safari Lodge - Semliki Toro Game Reserve
Semliki Safari Lodge is situated in the Semliki Wildlife Reserve in the heart of the Albertine Rift Valley. The reserve is bordered by the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Albert. Semliki Wildlife Reserve is the oldest protected area in Uganda. It is unique, and is gifted with geographic barriers that have formed a natural haven for wildlife. Staying at Semliki is like stepping back in time. It evokes the spirit of the old explorers, it piques curiosity and inspires discovery.  Semliki is secluded and intimate. With a maximum of 18 guests we promise excellent service and attention to detail…and an unforgettable experience.

Pineapple Bay Resort - Bulago Island/ Lake Victoria
Pineapple Bay on Bulago Island, with almost 10kms of shore line on 500 acres, is a small paradise away from the hustle of urban life. Surrounded by Lake Victoria its shoreline is made up of rocky outcrops and low cliffs. Around the shore the soil is highly fertile and tree covered. The north-east tip of the island contains a small portion of rainforest. The interior of the island is less fertile and is covered with savannah-like grassland. Pineapple Bay is the only full service lodge on Bulago Island. This 500 acre island has it all: rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, tropical forests, sweeping grasslands.

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