Simba Safaris Ltd.

In 1969 the Dharamshi Bhimani family also known in tourism circles as - The Simba Family - established Simba Safaris and began leading adventurous travellers through Tanzania's Northern Circuit. The founding brothers remain active in the company, and today after more than 45 years, Simba Safaris is not only the most experienced operator in Tanzania but also one of the best-known and most reliable safari companies in East Africa. Simba Safaris provides luxury safaris in Tanzania, trekking services on Mt. Kilimanjaro, beach vacations on the island of Zanzibar, plus many special interest tours and outings.
Simba Safaris offers guaranteed departure, small group guided safari tours and private, and custom guided tours. They have crafted an attractive collection of carefully planned itineraries, featuring lodges and camps that meet stringent requirements for comfort, luxury, value, and natural setting. The reputation of the entire Simba family depends on the quality of these destinations, and they take great care in making our selections and reviewing them frequently.

On average, their guides have 12 years of experience leading safari travelers. All guides are certified and receive ongoing training and education. They understand what it means to be a member of the Simba Safaris family and the exceptional attention with which they must attend to clients' expectations.
Simba Safaris has devoted considerable resources to developing custom 4x4 Land Cruiser safari vehicles. Of course, every traveller gets a window. Every guest is outfitted with binoculars and all the other standard safari practices that Simba has been at the forefront of for nearly 50 years. Simba Safaris ensures the safety and reliability of all vehicles with a rigorous maintenance schedule that includes a 52 point inspection before and after every tour. 

The Simba Family takes a lot of pride in Simba Safaris and the work they do. The reputations of both the company and the family depend on their ability to meet each client's highest expectations, time after time.  

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