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Madagascar Classic Collection is a unique collection of two high-class lodges and camps in Madagascar, as well as an expert ground handler and tailor-made, safari specialist tour operator in Madagascar. The company was established in 2007 with the opening of Mandrare River Camp as the first all-inclusive luxury tented camp in Madagascar.  

In 2008 MCC started ground handling operations as demand for both our product and Madagascar in general increased from all markets.  

In 2010 MCC opened Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge in order to widen our unique product offering and ensuring that Southern Madagascar became an area of the country with accommodation worthy of its ‘must see’ status. 



 MCC prides themselves on offering full ground handling services to overseas Tour Operators of a similar level to the high quality offered in MCC properties. They focus on up-market clientele who are searching for a high standard of vehicles, guides, hotels and an experiential product. Whether your guests want to private charter around the island to maximise their time, or fly low level in a helicopter over the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tsingy de Bemeraha, MCC can organise any experience they require.   

The sales office in the capital, Antananarivo, is where all reservations are taken and our attentive staff are on hand to meet your guests at the airport, do city tours and ensure that all services run smoothly.   

As an up-market handler MCC realise that guests’ plans change, flights are delayed and weather can be unpredictable, they strive to ensure that any negative impact from these are minimised, and  do not ask your guests to pay for that extra meal, flight change or transfer when things don’t go according to plan – their mission is to return your guests home happier than when they arrived.



Mandrare River Camp which opened to its first guests in 2007 is a luxury tented camp set on the banks of the Mandrare River. Their knowledgeable host/manager, the small size of the property and our remote location ensure an authentic wildlife and cultural experience for our guests.   Seven semi-permanent tents are fully en-suite with a private terrace overlooking the river. Constant upgrades ensure that we are able to improve the product on an annual basis.  With two distinctive forest types, 5 species of lemur and countless birds and reptiles the wildlife experience at the camp shows the beauty of Madagascar’s dry forest diversity. Mandrare River Camp is located in the heart of the Antandroy tribal area and we have fostered excellent relationships with the local communities to ensure that your guests are treated as ‘Vahiny’ (Welcome guests) not as tourists.



The Tents

The four en-suite tents and one family tent are all located in the sheltering shade of tamarind trees with a breathtaking view over the tranquil waters of the Mandrare River up onto the sacred mountains behind. The artful wooden furniture in each tent is individually hand carved to represent a different local wildlife theme of southeastern Madagascar. Each tent has its own terrace, mosquito net bed, wardrobe and dressing table, bedside tables and lights, 24 hour solar lighting and hot water, a fully equipped bathroom and luggage compartment.

The Activities

All activities at Mandrare River Camp are individually tailored to our guests' needs. Whether you are a passionate early riser and want to start the day early in the morning with bird watching, or instead prefer the local wake at the end of the day, we will provide our expertise and guidance to meet all the needs. All activities are included in your stay at no extra cost, unless otherwise indicated. 


The Main Area

The lovely prepared meals can be served either in the private atmosphere of your own terrace or in our open dining area with a view of the nearby river bank. Enjoy the sounds of the wilderness in the light of the hurricane lamps and let yourself be carried away by this unique atmosphere. To get the day off to a good start, we serve our guests a continental breakfast with seasonal fruits, crepe, eggs, delicious croissants and other delicacies. Between the activities we serve a varied barbeque and the evening is rounded off with a wonderful three-course menu. We use the freshest and finest Malagasy produce, blended in a French style by our excellent chefs and of course we take into account incompatibilities and special wishes when preparing the dishes. All drinks in camp, including imported wines and spirits, are complimentary. 


The Location

The best way to get to the camps is by using our schedule charter flights on Monday and Thursday. Alternatively you can arrive any day of the week using the Air Tsaradia daily schedule service to Fort Dauphin. Manafiafy is 2 hrs 30 mins drive from Fort Dauphin and Manadrare River Camp is 3hrs 30 mins drive from Fort Dauphin.


Soak in the tranquil beauty of the natural surroundings from one of our luxury thatched bungalows. Nestled into a forest fringed cove, each bungalow offers a private terrace just inches from the sea. Leave your stress and strain behind and relax in a unique atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the original, slow life of the local fishing village and experience the breathtaking wilderness of this secluded paradise. Come and enjoy our dazzling surroundings. You can have it all!


 The Bungalows

The four luxury bungalows and one family villa are discreetly tucked along the edge of the forest, all with private wooden terraces and stunning views across the bay. These rooms meld local wood, ravinala thatch and stone with modern comforts to create the perfect feel-good atmosphere. Each accommodation offers a private terrace with hammock, a super king-sized and a single bed, 270° windows, a full en-suite with hot fresh water, a walk-in shower, 24h solar electric, 220V sockets, indoor and outdoor seating areas, mosquito nets, ocean view, sun loungers and a room safe.

The Activities

At Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge nature is your playground with distant mountains, lush rainforests, white sand beaches and lapping waters of the Indian Ocean all at our doorstep. We take full advantage of our location straddling land and sea to offer you a rich variety of sea, shore and rainforest-based activities. All of these are included in your stay at no extra cost, unless otherwise indicated.


Choice of activities: Whale watching lookout tower, Open air massage pavilion, Coastal trip with picnic lunch, Fisherman's village of Manafiafy, Traditional palm mat weavers, Visits to local markets and schools, Daytime and nighttime walks in the rainforest spotting lemurs, chameleons and insects, Whale watching (Extra cost), Sport fishing (Extra cost), Motor boat trips into the mangroves, Canoeing.

The Main Area

The delicious meals are taken in our open, thatched dining area of Ravinala. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy the perfect sunset by our outdoor campfire or enjoy an aperitif in our lounge area by the fireplace. Continental breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, fluffy croissants, pain au chocolat, cereals, eggs and other delicacies is either served in the public dining area or on the private terrace. Between the activities, a selection of delicious local specialities awaits you for your daily lunch. The evening 3-course menu is the culinary highlight of the day - freshly caught fish and lovingly prepared creations await our guests. Of course, our kitchen takes special wishes and incompatibilities into account when preparing all dishes. All meals and drinks including wine and spirits are included in the price.


The Location


The best way to get to the lodge is by using our schedule charter flights on Monday and Thursday. Alternatively you can arrive any day of the week using the Tsaradia daily schedule service to Fort Dauphin. Manafiafy is 2 hrs 30 mins drive from Fort Dauphin and Manadrare River Camp is 3hrs 30 mins drive from Fort Dauphin.

Across our two properties you can experience seven different ecosystems, encounter ten species of lemurs and learn about the various local cultures. Traveling between the two locations is easily arranged by road (6 hrs) or by light aircraft from Mandrare to Fort Dauphin (30 Mins) and a 2:30 hrs drive to Manafiafy.


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